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Beauty salon provide you wide range of beauty services like Facial, hair style, waxing, makeup etc...Beauty salon provide you wide range of beauty services like Facial, hair style, waxing, makeup etc...

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Beauty Salon Services

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Hair Style

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Welcome to Beauty Salon

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- Auenda Odell ( CEO )

Our Customer’s Reviews

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Professional Salon

“It is a very professional salon with excellent results, this staff work hard to make every visit a beautifully, i look forword to and enjoy my visit.”

- Susan Blake


Fantastic Treatment

“Not only do you get a fantastic treatment but you are also valued and cared for. The best beauty salon I've been to I am happy to recomend to anyone”

- Isabel Enlow


Feeling Relaxed

“I always come out of Beauty Salon feeling relaxed and calm, & able to face whatever the world wants to throw at me! thank you beauty salon”

- Kathy Parks


Our Portfolios

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Looking Beauty & Healthy @ our Best Prices

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Beauty Salon Beauticians

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Connie Jenkins

Makeup Specialist

Ethel Kinney

Hairstyle Specialist

Ask Your Wedding Stylist for These Fall Hair Trends

25 December, 2017

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The Easiest Way to Remove Long-Wearing Matte Lipstick

24 December, 2017

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Secrets to Get Your Blush to Look as Natural as Possible

23 December, 2017

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